Section 8 Housing Application

Are you a United States legal resident? Not making enough money to pay the rent or mortgage? You may just qualify for Section 8 housing assistance or housing choice vouchers. It refers to Section 8 of the Housing Act of 1937, that grants a means of acquiring affordable housing for those who need housing assistance from the government. It may sometimes be hard to apply for government assistance, but understanding if you are eligible and how the process goes can help make it easier.

How does Section 8 housing work

Housing choice vouchers or Section 8 are administered by the local public housing agency (PHA), of which you can find several around the country. The vouchers come as either tenant-based or project-based. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) overlooks the PHAs, and your local PHAs will help you with arranging Section 8 housing assistance.

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Enlisting for Housing Choice Vouchers

One of the things you need to be prepared for when you want to apply for Section 8 or Housing CHoice Vouchers is the long wait. Because this is a very popular and most sought after federal assistance, many people are applying for it. This is why most people who apply are placed on waiting lists.

In some cases, if your local Public Housing Agency (PHA) has a lot more applicants than they know they can assist in the near future, waiting lists are temporarily closed. Do not let this get you down though, you may still look for different areas where there are open waiting lists. PHAs usually post notices about waiting list openings and how long they will stay open.

Local Public Housing Agencies manage their own housing voucher program and most develop preferences and restrictions. FInd out what these are so that you know whether you can move up faster their waiting list. Some of these preferences include households who were involuntarily displaced, elderly, homeless, households paying over 50% of their income to rent, and others.

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Living In Quality Housing

It is very important to live in a good place. Through the Housing Voucher Program or Section 8, your Public Housing Agency (PHA) can assist you in renting a good property. You or your household are free to choose and decide which house or apartment to occupy. just make sure the quality requirements set by HUD are met. Fair Market Rent should also be considered in a way that the property's rent cost should not exceed it. Note however that you may be allowed to rent properties that have a higher rent cost that the Fair Market Rent if you or your household are willing to pay the extra rent amount.

Housing Quality Standards

The housing quality standards ensure that your shelter is healthy, safe, and comfortable. Under the Housing Voucher Program and the Section 8 Voucher Program, there are two types of housing quality standards:

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